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      PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University
      PCL: Political Communication Lab, Stanford University

      Press Room

    2. Governor stakes political capital on 'year of reform' initiatives, The Mercury News, 10/2005
    3. Democratization of Media and Information Societies - Potential and Reality, Swiss Centre for Studies on the Global Information Society Conference Keynote, Shanto Iyengar, 6/2005
    4. Subtle product plugs seen in governor's TV ad, San Diego Union-Tribune, 5/2005
    5. No offseason for political ads, San Diego Union-Tribune, 5/2005
    6. Fact Check: Unions Vs. Gov. Schwarzenegger, AP, 5/2005
    7. Don't Tell Me Again, Washington Post, 4/2005
    8. Playing the fear card, Guardian, 4/2005
    9. Media Blitz mars Mayoral Campaign, KPCC AirTalk, 4/2005
    10. A Good Dirty Fight, New York Times, 11/2004
    11. Ads Push the Factual Envelope, Washington Post, 11/2004
    12. Vice Presidential Debates, KQED Forum, 11/2004
    13. Winning the war of words, Salon.com, 11/2004
    14. Bin Laden's Image Crops Up in Ads, Los Angeles Times, 10/2004
    15. Edwards and Cheney Prepare for Ohio Showdown, National Public Radio, 10/2004
    16. Block the Vote, Wall Street Journal, 10/2004
    17. Edwards Is No Cheney -- And That's the Plan, Washington Post, 10/2004
    18. Why a Conflicted Kerry Voted Yes -- and Later No -- on Iraq, Los Angeles Times, 7/2004
    19. Party-Funded Ads to Help Kerry 'Ride Wave', Los Angeles Times, 7/2004
    20. From Bush, Unprecedented Negativity, Washington Post, 5/2004
    21. Edwards Wins: A Theory Tested, New York times, 5/2004
    22. Using M.R.I.'s To See Politics On the Brain, New York times, 4/2004
    23. How the images of prison abuse shape perceptions of the war, Christian Science Monitor, 4/2004
    24. TV Ads Portray Bush Tackling Tough Times, Washington Post, 3/2004
    25. Primary Colors: The Presidential Primary System, Uncommon Knowledge, 3/2000
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